Georgia Cannon
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A collaborative design process is underpinned by over a decade of experience teasing ideas into reality.


1 • Meet and greet

Every project starts with an upfront meeting to discuss:

  • who are the project stakeholders?

  • what are we aiming to achieve?

  • what are our time, space and budget constraints?

  • do we need to engage any collaborators?

At the completion of Stage One you will receive:

  • an interior design services fee proposal

  • collaborator referrals

2 • The big idea

Together we’ll establish the conceptual drivers for the project by:

  • assessing the existing conditions

  • investigating your functional and aesthetic aspirations

  • undertaking spatial planning reviews

  • considering design precedents

At the completion of Stage Two you will receive:

  • a presentation outlining the conceptual drivers for the project

  • measured drawings of the space


3 • Define the plan

I produce the documentation to describe the new space in detail, including:

  • plans

  • elevations

  • finishes and fittings schedules

  • special details

  • collaborator coordination

At the completion of Stage Three you will receive:

  • documentation package including working drawings and schedules

  • advice regarding programming of any long lead time items

4 • Make it happen

We bring the design to life by:

  • tendering the project

  • appointing the construction team

  • updating documentation for construction

  • reviewing shop drawings

  • attending site

  • installing fixtures, fittings and furniture

At the completion of Stage Four, you move into your beautiful new space.