DARCH Horse Awards

Georgia was recently invited to speak at the inaugural EmAGN Queensland DARCH Horse Awards hosted at the Brickworks Design Studio, New Farm.

interior designer brisbane and gold coast

The DARCH Horse Awards recognise and celebrate the contributions of non-architects to the built environment in South East Queensland in seven categories: 

— Builder
— Client
— Consultant
— Developer
— Government Authority
— Specialist Contractor
— Urban Provocateur

Here's a little snippet of what Georgia had to say:

'Every design project is borne out of teamwork. Architects, designers, engineers, certifiers, clients, project managers, builders and many others come together to create something special. Once that project is complete there are photographers, stylists and writers who help share it with the broader community. Truly great project outcomes only come about when all of these people work together effectively to tell the same story.

Design by collaboration rather than by committee can sometimes be a difficult thing to achieve and I think it's really wonderful to have the opportunity to celebrate the people who have been able to make that happen.'